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When it was announced that the traditional Sugar House Fireworks would be discontinued in 2010 due to lack of funding, Scott Workman, a resident of Sugar House, Utah, contacted the Sugar House Park Authority to see what he could do.



After several meetings, Workman, took on the responsibility of raising funds for the 2010 show.
Through his efforts, he successfully raised enough funds from sponsorships to let the fireworks show go on. Three years later, Workman has saved the Sugar House Fireworks 2013 through the help of sponsors, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County support with the motivation to preserve this long-standing, patriotic tradition for the community.



The Sugar House Fireworks 2013 is planned for Thursday, July 4, at the Sugar House Park and will feature a 30-minute firework show presented by Vortex Fireworks. Concessions and vendors will be at the park before the fireworks show along with necessary police and medical personnel for security and safety assistance.


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