It’s a sad day to inform you that Scott Workman and Sugar House Fireworks will no longer be raising the money, organizing and putting on the 4th of July Sugar House Park Fireworks Event.
It’s been touch and go, but a successful 5 year run and it’s been a difficult one, as you may be aware. The time has come in my own life that I must focus on my business and the most passionate thing outside of God and my family – The United State of America – more especially the Constitution. And specifically speaking, I am focusing my time on restoring the Constitution, which is currently hanging on only by a thread. Our current government treats the Constitution as “superfluous”. They, our elected officials, no longer operate and adhere to the Constitution or the founding fathers intents and at best the Constitution is only respected, it appears, by them as only a “relic” or a “museum artifact”.
I wish only the best for this community and for the 4th of July Fireworks show but I feel that if we don't do something to restore the Constitution, we won't have much to celebrate. My time will be better served "Saving the Constitution" - and afterwards we can celebrate.

For more information on this movement to restore the Constitution and where you can sign "The Declaration of Restoration" please go to this website: Friends of the Original Constitution.

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